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How to Use Heart Up+

Heart Up+ Barley is a wholegrain Superfood that delivers high levels of fibre and contains 14% of beta-glucan.

However, because of the high levels of fibre, the number of scoops of Heart Up+ to be consumed daily should be gradual to allow your system to adapt. This will avoid the possibility of a laxative effect which can be a normal reaction to high fibre.


Heart Up+


Health Claims
Week 1
1 scoop per day*
1g of Beta-glucan
Gut Health
Week 2 & 3
2 scoops per day*
2g of Beta-glucan
Gut Health
Week 4
3 scoops per day*
3g of Beta-glucan
Gut Health
Lowers Cholesterol

General Use

*Add to all meals before cooking, for example, porridge, cereal, scrambled egg, soup, stews, casseroles and curries. Also, it can be added to your favourite yogurt and smoothies.

Week 4 Continued  
If you want to achieve, in one go, the two health claims i.e., gut health and lowering of cholesterol, use 3 scoops (22.5g) of Heart Up+ with a meal.

Suggested Meal Recipes

Week 5 and After  
If you want to achieve, in one go, all three health claims i.e. gut health, lowering of cholesterol and reduction of blood sugar rise after a meal, use 4 scoops (30g) of Heart Up+ with that meal** as your complete daily serving.

** The meal must include 30g of carbohydrates.

Suggested Meal Recipes


Note: In order to achieve and maintain the health claims, a regular daily intake of Heart Up+ is recommended.