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James Mulhall – November 18, 2014:

“I am 70 + years old active, retired male and for the past number of years I am on heart medication for high cholesterol etc, due to a heart attack in 1996. On medical advice from my cardiologist to change my eating habits, I had to review my foodshopping list for health reasons. Therefore I am constantly on the lookout for exceptionally good quality health foods in order to keep my cholesterol at a very respectable level.

I have been aware of the high quality of Barley Beta-Glucan for th epast two years but was unable to source packets in any of the big stores or even health sthops. Several weeks ago I discovered that Dunnes Stores were selling Barley Beta-Glucan in their shops and I bought a few packets. I immediately started using three scoops a day at breakfast, lunch and evening dinne. Currently my total cholesterol level is now below 4. I am now familiar with the magnificent range of healthy food products that your company source and supply to stores across the country.

All that I can say now is that I commend your company for the sensational success of continuously sourcing exceptional healthy food choice options for people who want and need a better quality of life. Many, many thanks.”

John C. – November 19, 2014:

“I have been on heart up + for three months now. What appeals to me is the fact that it is a natural product and has such high levels of fibre. I started taking one scoop a day in my porridge and now I take three to four scoops every day. I particularly like adding a scoop to yogurt as it gives a very pleasant texture and taste. My kids have even started adding it to their yogurt as a daily routine. It’s great to be able to build in a natural high fibre product into my daily diet. I haven’t had to change what I eat which is a great advantage.”

Patricia O’Brien – December 5, 2014:

“I started taking Heart Up+ in July in the hopes of reducing my cholesterol (was 6.9) and in November I was delighted to learn that it had come down to 5.9. I was taking three scoops a day but now plan to increase to four scoops+ a day with the intention of reducing my cholesterol to below 5. Extremely easy to take natural product, available in three flavours, and goes well added to most foods – bran flakes, yoghurt, wraps, salads, rice, pasta etc. Heart Up+ has now become my “must have” ingredient for the day.”